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Real Estate: Buying and Selling property in New Zealand

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Real Estate property for sale in New Zealand. Houses, private home sales, farms, business listings, investment property: this is property on line! Here you can find links to many of the Real Estate Agencies that have web pages plus the growing number of alternative listings (classifieds and Private House Sale sites). Of course you should visit them all; meanwhile my (entirely personal and biased) descriptive comments alongside each may help you to get an overall feel for the market before you start. The emphasis here is on pages where you can actually see houses for sale, so I have not included the large number of agencies that merely have a"splash" page with contact details and nothing else.

I was spending quite a lot of time looking for sites selling houses, to try and get them to promote the use of prepurchase and presale house inspections. I belong to a group called The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc. Having found quite a large collection of relevant sites, it made sense to make it available to everyone. Please feel free to email any dead links or additions. william

All the links on this page should open in new windows on your browser; so you don't have to use the "back" button; this also means it is easy to have several sites up at once to make direct comparisons. However, remember close them when you are finished: your computer cannot keep an infinite number of windows open at the same time!.

Last update: 11 August 2007


Sites that will find a house for you

Legal Information
and Mortgage money

Open Homes

Multi-Listing Sites (the largest number)

Real Estate for investment

National Real Estate Agencies

Local Real Estate Agencies

New Houses

New Apartments

Relocated Houses

Private Home Sales




Other property information pages

Commercial Property


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Private House Sales


The way of the future. At any rate, a growth industry.

Most charge for listings. It is not really practical to put them in order, as they vary so much: from super professional to individuals working at home in their spare time. All worth a visit


Currently (October 2004) I think the fastest growing site. It is very good, that's why!

Property Web

Carefully designed site. A good amount of information for buyers and sellers. One of my favourites, as they put in a link to the NZ Institute of Building Surveyors :-) Been growing ever since - now sites in Australia and Fiji as well 1/11/04

New Zealand Wide home Sales

It was hard to know what to call this site, as they have also registered a few other domain names as well. (Including Listings divided into groups, (sorted by area) with more details available, mostly south island (Christchurch based), but some North Island ones appearing April 00. Also houses and flats to rent, updated every 36 hours


As of 1/11/04, big increase over last visit 23/6/01, lots of listings, mainly North Island. Huge increase since last visit Dec 2000. A site that is on the way up. And it continues to do so! Dates of when listings posted, which is a very good feature.


1/11/04 Hamilton area, works well, looks good

Your Home On line

Thumbnails on the first page. Easy navagtion.


Bay of Plenty. Lots of houses. Update was a month old 18/9/02

Green Door Commission-Free Real Estate

Green Door Commission Free Real Estate Lots to view. 8 Sept 2005

Property Uniters

This is a lawyer based property advertiser: " a do-it-yourself venue for buying, selling and leasing property privately", or, how to cut out the agents but still use lawyers. Mostly Wellington based as of 26 May 2002 (second visit)

Private Property

Extremely easy to use search engine, not many house in Auckland 1/11/04, may be out of date

Up until recently a "businesses for sale" site, now offering private home sales as well (22 Nov 2004) Sellers have access to a password protected real time visitors stats system that graphs visitors, geo-location, referral data.
Click on "Real Estate for sale" on the top line menu



Sites that will find a house for you



will contact the agents in your designated area with your request

Nelson Bays Property Search

Want to live in the most beautiful part of the country? Nelson really IS paradise. Who wouldn't want to live there? Very nice site, lots of local info. 2/5/04

Mud Hut

Christchurch based, nice site. They will do everything. 16/6/04



Legal Information



Maybe you can skip those trips to the Land Titles Office, the Local Council and the Quotable Value Office. Here (for a price) you can get government valuations, sales histories, tenure and ownership details, building condition. Maybe the house you're thinking of buying was built on a swamp? Had some dubious renovations done to it? You might find the answer here, and you can order hard copy of whatever you want as well. I repeat, this is not a free service.

Home Solutions

Home Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of NZ LAW Limited , an association in independent legal practices, with 148 partners and 650 professional and support staff, offices all over the country.

Law On Line

All kinds of legal work (including Conveyancing and many other services) offered on line.

Just about every real estate page offers mortgage calculators,
but this site offers a lot more:

"We're here to help you choose the right loan from a great range of lenders, and to make getting that loan easy." - Bruce Gordon, Chief Executive

Mortgage Choice

Everything to want to know about borrowing money, for personal or investment property, plus a good list of brokers. A very professional site.

Mortgage Mate

A another NZ based mortgage broker

Mortgage warehouse

NZ Web based Mortgage Brokers 8/9/05

Other property information pages


Property Links

These pages do what I set out to do, but without the personal (biased) comments :-)

The Home Buyers Internet Road Map

Practical steps outlined by the law firm Gillespie Young Watson (Wellington based)

New Zealand Property Index

Property Investment Tips, Strategies, and free software, discussions, essays, links

The Bob Dey Property Report

"What information will you get in these pages? It will include analysis of listed company performances and market news, syndication, transaction details and analysis of the physical property marketís various sectors, articles about neighbourhoods, people, resource consent matters, litigation... "
Plus a BIG list of useful links

The Shape of Money

Heaps of useful information

House Buying in New Zealand

A Personal Odyssey which is a practical step-by-step guide to buying a house in New Zealand for the first-time house buyer

Open Homes



No one I know of runing aweb site devoted to open homes any more - a real pity, there used to be a very good one.

Real Estate from an investment point of view















Realty Management

Lease / invest in office space. Very smooth site - best of all, download a no fuss PDF file with all the property details 25/5/02

Residential Property Investor Magazine

"Our aim is to provide readers with topical information on residential rental and property markets allowing you to make informed decisions for your property investment. We demonstrate how to get into residential property and how to get the most out of the investment."
Teasers from the magazine, which you can subscribe to online.

Kelland's Real Estate Ltd

"The Boutique Real Estate Company"
Invest in Apartments in Auckland: On Princes Wharf, in the Domain, The Esplanade....

The Point

"the premier waterfront development on the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland"
Very classy site, lots of web cam shots

If you have more than one property rented out, check this out:

"RentMaster is a program designed for landlords and property managers. This program collects information about the property owners, properties, mortgages and tenants. It then records the income, expenses and mileage incurred as a result of maintaining the rental properties. " New Zealand made


"We are New Zealands premiere Landlord and Property Investment site. We have the all the information you need to be a sucessful landlord: Aticles, books and legislation relating to Rental Property Investment." 16/11/02

Property Managers:

Interactive Property Management: These people look after 100's of properties for out of town / overseas owners Investment advice etc.

Overseas Investment Commision:

The Govt department that considers if overseas investors are acceptable: you need more than just money!



Trends Property

Click on "Coastal" from the "Properties" drop down menu. Top end of the market. Spend time here if you want a very beautiful house.- as of Octobet 2004 - very nice site indeed. Part of the Trends Group, who publish "Trends" Magazine


A Bayleys site, as of 16/3/01, a few coastal properties iin the far north.

Gulf Harbour

A very graphics intensive page. This is a seaside subdivision north of Auckland. The page has won some awards.

Also check the "local real estate agencies" catagory, which includes places like Great Barrier Island, and the far North ("RealNorthNZ"); and "Baches" with several sites showing beach houses to buy or rent.

Bay Holidays

A couple of places in the Bay of Islands


Real Estate Agencies


Before surfing these, you should know that RealENZ has the biggest database of searchable properties, but the local version of Australia's property page is fast gaining ground




The professionals

A very professional site! Good, basic advice on buying, selling, recognising the market. Mortgage payment calculator and the same RealENZ search engine

Ray White

Very nice looking site. Obviously mainly Australian, but using the good (private) search engine I found plenty of Auckland listings, with photos, minimal info, and a really easy to use repayment calculation calculator: the best by far I saw.


Cheerful, enthusiastic site, also with it's own search engine that returns a useful amount of info (and the price).


All around the Wellington area. When you choose a specific area, you are offered a search engine. My first search returned 83 properties, click for a photo and more details (including a photo of the agent)


Very nice, full site. Easy to look at lots of houses. One significant drawback: no prices!! 18/9/02

LJ Hooker

Recently completely rebuilt, a distinct improvement. No thumbnail pictures on the first page of have to click "view". LOTS of houses in Auckland. 13/9/02


Quick search feature on front page shows 200 houses in Auckland 25/5/02

First National

First National have their own search engine but some offices also have listings linked through to the RealENZ site as well. 116 properties in Auckland 9 Dec 2003

Barfoot and Thompson

A talking site!

Local Real Estate Agencies


Premium Real Estate:

Auckland's North shore. Very nice site, lots of top of the range houses, waterfront etc.

Clear Realty:

Auckland. Very nice pages, easy to navigate, heaps of listings and updates. 2/5/03

Peter & Cushla Marsh

A very nice site (by WebMark) Perhaps it should be in the rural part: Warkworth, Kowhai Coast, Kawau Island (about one hour North of Auckland) Lots of photos.

Kawau Island

Yet another webmark site, and they're getting even better! This is Kawau Island, off the coast in the same area as the two above. As of 8/3/00, there were over 20 properties and empty bits of land very nicely presented, most with photos and enticing descriptions. Even if you can't see living on an island, I bet you can't stop looking once you see the first page fully loaded :)

Todd Yelavich

Glenfield, Auckland. Barfoot and Thompson, this is *such* a nice site. So very simple, clean and the listings appear on the first page. No clutter, fast. What more could you want?


Richardsons Real Estate. A good selection of properties all over the Peninsula (16 different locations)

Rodney Dunn

Auckland City: South. Nice pages, As of 18/9/02 14 listings:"The site is now run off a database, and has some new features (print this listing, make an online enquiry). The whole site has been optimised so it now loads faster, and the main page changes evertime someone visits"

Graeme Knowles

Howick, Pakuranga & Bucklands Beach (Auckland East) 10 listings on the front page as of 19/6/01, with a thumbnail. This first page loads very slowly, as it is also loading the full size image of each house at the same time: so when you click on any one, the big picture is there instantly. Nice, clean, simple pages.

Wayne Oliver

A Harcourts agent based in Hobsonville, (semi rural) Auckland. A selection of houses with a photo and description

Graham Lewis

Hobsonville, West Harbour, Royal Heights and Massey areas of West Auckland. Homes in these areas are a broad mix ranging from $150,000 to $600,000. Photos and descriptions.


Grant Shackleton, Harcourts, lots of houses in Hamilton, very well organised site, instant access to properties, plenty of good advice.


Gary de Haan. 148 properties in and around Taupo (center of North Island, a big lake) 24/10/01

Gisborne real estate

"the first city to see the sun each day" (Half way up the North Island, on the right).Over 20 houses at 10/7/02. Good sized thumbail to click on for more details

Wellington Real Estate

Very friendly," homemade" site. About 20 properties in the Wellington area 4th Dec 99. Lots of useful info about the region, plus info for buyers and sellers. Good stuff!

Wellington Multi-Agent listings: NetHomes

From the review: "At present, (October 2000) the site ... showcases a selection of Lower Hutt homes offered by five real estate agents." Especially impressive (to me) is that this site is "home made" in the very fullest sense of the word: the owner operator runs the site from his own server! I'll be back to check progress, this site certainly gets my thumbs up; such ingenuity surely deserves success! As of 4/3/01, this site continues to improve, and expand, with houses all over the country


Hutt Valley (Wellington area). Part of the professionals group. Uses RealNZ's search engine, but with locally suppiled listings. Lots to look at: wish list (tell them what you want), Rental amd commercial. 13/7/01

Winkel Real Estate

North of Wellington: View houses in Kapiti Coast, Horowhenua, Waikanae, Otaki, Levin, rural areas. Once you get to the pages of listings, there is a greatd eal on each page, so it takes a while to load. 23/7/02

Bay of Islands Property:

Bay of Islands. You have to click through quite a few pages to get to them, but there are lots to look at. IIndividual pages for under 200 thousand, over, Rural, vacant, lifestyle, auction and feature. Also links to other local real estate pages


Bay of Islands, and adjacent areas. Thumbnail images load on the second page, so it takes a while, but then more details of the house of your dreams is only one click away

Centaurus Real Estate

Christchurch, as of 20/8/2002, a page full of thumbprints, click for more details.

Great Barrier Island

Ray White. A handful of pictures, simple list of properties for sale, with descritions and prices. 23/7/02

Great Barrier Island (Century 21 agent)

Peter Wrigley's as of 23/7/02, a good selection of houses and sections. Who wouldn't want to live here?

Multi-Listing Sites



The first, probably still the biggest. All NZ. A huge number of listings. Site frequently revamped, Like all the best. you can enter what you want, and they will email you with new listings that fit. As of 19 May 2001, it has become very fast (finally). Coincidentally. I received 2 recent emails about this site at the same time, one slamming the recent changes (too many clicks to get to what you want, tiny thumbnail pix), the other praising it. You better decide for yourself.


This site has is always one step ahead. On a recent drive around the country, I found signs with their logo everywhere.(May 2002) Loads very fast, heaps of houses on the first page, the best search engine design (in my opinion). Ranks amoungst the top real estate sites according to accessnz's hitwise search engine. If you are interested in placing a house, go to their services page

Rural real estate


Farm Index

13/2/00 The standard is moved up several notches with this excellent site. About 40 houses/farms at the visit, plus you can leave details of what you want and they'll send you an email when it comes in. Over 50 properties 4/3/01, plus you can tell them what you are looking for and get an email when something like it comes along.
Real estate is just one part of this extensive site catering to the rural community

Rural Real Estate

Farm property for sale in Canturbury

Rural new Zealand

"If you are seeking real estate in the Palmerston North, Feilding, Hunterville, Hastings/Wairoa , Havelock North, Waipukurau, Dannevirke, Pahiatua, Masterton, Carterton, Martinborough, or Greytown areas, please browse our branches' listings. You can also choose to view properties via our agents' home pages."

Small Farmers Association

Farm properties for sale

New Houses


I took down all the builders' links- it was hard work keeping them updated, and I think most people visiting here are looking for houses for sale right now. However, many of the sites do offer plans on line. The best kept collection of Builders' sites I know of, both large and small, is here

New Aparatments/Units



This link jumps straight to their apartments / units page. There are lots, with pictures, and prices.

Broadway Park

"Located within 27 acres of premium land in Newmarket, Auckland's most exciting shopping and restaurant district, Broadway Park is an inclusive community for all ages and lifestyles. Begun in 1993, Broadway Park features exceptional apartments, low-density single houses, terraced houses and townhouses".
Lots of pictures, also plans and prices

Eden Residential Terraces

"All the focal points for a vibrant and creative environment are here, from the neighbourhood cafe to the brand new recreational facilities."
Nice site. Similar to above: a managed community. Lots of photos and info.


Relocated Houses



Pipers maintains a very good list - enter "house relocation" in the search box




"If you're a bach-owner, or a regular bach-user, you'll want to know about BachClub. It's a fun facility that makes running a shared holiday home easy" June 2002


Holiday homes for rent all around the country

Holiday Homes

The publishers of the famous book. Not everything that is in the book is on line (duh!) but there are still plenty to view. 19/6/04


An extremely modern site. Beautiful, even, in an Architesque sense. Ordinary visitors might be intimidated. In essese, kitset baches for those who wont compromise on style. The web page creators should win an award. 4/3/01

Beach houses

Plenty for rent, all around the country. Why stay in a motel when you can rent your own private house on the beach! 2/05/03.

Commercial Property


Property for Industry

"Property For Industry is New Zealand's only listed property investment company focussed solely on industrial property. PFI commenced operation in 1994 and as of June 1999 had a property portfolio comprising 37 properties valued at NZ$184 million. The market capitalisation of the company at 31 January 1999 was NZ$137 million."

Bay Holidays:

Bay of Islands



The distinction between this catagory and the one below (Private House Sales) is lately getting a little blurry.


Net Classifieds

NZ Herald. Great for Aucklanders. Listings updated constantly, an E-Alert service to notify you when your dream house turns up, mortgage calculator, online insurance quotes, rates information, public notices..and lots of newsy items. Plus Dave Cull (of TV fame)
One of the "cutting edge" pages in terms of professionalism, appearance and content Very similar to xtra's real estate page....this one uses the "Property Page" search engine (listed above in the "multi-listings" catagory)

Independent Newspapers Ltd (INL) Nice site, lots of houses, great search engine.

Trade Time

A huge selection (25/3/00) of apartments, houses,boats, land, townhouses through to vehicles, both here and a scattering in Australia. Very few details. Most items are up for trade (WHY = what have you), but also have a cash figure attached.

Houses for sale

Christchurch based. These people also own as well as and and many more.
The format is a small photo and description, more details and a bigger photo when you click.

Trade and Exchange

It's getting better all the time....choose the search option and scroll down to 130 Accom / Property. Hits the Internet the day after it hits the street



Remember to find a suitably qualified inspector to check out your dream house. Making this part of the Sale and Purchase agreement is becoming almost standard practice in some areas. Visit the home page to find a member near you:
New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc


My business page: is at

Building Consultants Ltd

My new page here


and my email for feedback, dead / new links is william


Still want to use a search engine for what I've missed? Here's the list of New Zealand ones:(The top row are "Portals", with lots of stuff (like the news and weather, but they also have good search engines; both clear and the hub offers you a list, so you can choose from the big overseas ones as well)

xtra:whatsonnz: the hub : MSN (NZ) : clear : New Zealand's Information Network : Seek.Net.Nz
Altavista NZ : Search NZ : Access NZ : NZ. Web Search : NZ. Explorer : NZ Search : Web Directory : LookSmart : NZPages :

International search engines: NZ NetGuide thinks Googleis best (and so do I)



and for the best list of *all* the specialist search engines and what they are good for: